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Who We Are & What We Do

Welcome to Tra-Fx Fleet Services. We are glad that you took the time to look us up, stop by our online home and see what we are all about. We are a full-service professional vehicle up-fitter in North Charleston, South Carolina. We up-fit all makes and models of Emergency and fleet service vehicles. Quality and pride in our work allow us to go the extra distance to not only earn your business but to continue it on. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our installations and also honor our manufacturer's warranty.

 We are so much more than just a fly by night vehicle up-fitting company. We started back in 2008 with just a few warning lights and sirens. Since then our fleet service division has continued to grow and expand. There has even been a change in our name and now new ownership. If your department is looking for a turn-key solution for emergency warning lights, sirens, vehicle equipment, you have found it here. We partner with other local businesses as well to help get the job done fast and at less cost to you our customers.


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