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Kenwood knows a smarter way to P25, and we are eager to share it with you. As your one-stop resource for P25, our new leadership team is completely focused on delivering the highest-quality, cost-effective mission critical communications solutions.


Smarter system design makes JVC Kenwood ATLAS® P25 Systems Solution the most reliable, cost-efficient system available in the communications marketplace. Our patented, distributed architecture eliminates the need for a large, expensive central controller and makes the system resilient enough to withstand multiple points of communication failure without affecting the rest of the system. With plug-and-play deployments capable of supporting hybrid system configurations, ATLAS is a smarter option for users who want to start small and grow as their capacity and budget expands. 


Our award-winning radios are used throughout the world by military, police, fire, paramedics, and homeland security personnel. We were the first supplier to implement the AMBE+2 vocoder into our radios for superior digital sound. Our radios have remarkable versatility because of their interoperability with Project 25 trunked and conventional modes, APCO 16 Motorola SMARTNET®/SmartZone®, and an upgrade capability for Project 25 Phase 2 TDMA.

Kenwwod's Viking VP900 Multi-Band radio establishes a new benchmark with best in class ruggedness, reliability, and superior audio .


The Viking VP900 is a multi-band, multi-protocol, P25 Phase 2 ready radio equipped with industry leading audio, display, and advanced feature capabilities that meet the needs of police, fire, EMS, and other mission critical users.


Call us today for a demo and more information of this budget busting, outperforming dual band portable.

Smarter engineering makes Kenwood's Viking VP600 and Viking Fire portable radios a reliable option that is easy to operate.


We listened to our end-users and created a rugged radio that offers effortless communications in even the most hazardous environments. With P25 Phase 2 capabilites, superior audio and advanced visual features, the Viking VP600 is a value-packed, high-quality option for first responders.


Certified for use on the South Carolina Palmetto 800 system, the VP600 can save you thousands on your radio budgets if its time to upgrade, add or replace your existing communications solution.


The Viking VP600 and Viking Fire are built to take a beating and is desiged for the rigors and rugged life of public service. Call our Communicaton Division today and arrange a demo of the new VP600.


Viking VP600

Kenwood vs. Motorola

The rugged VM600 Mobile Radio from Kenwood is a very capable, reliable, and flexible mobile radio that is specifically designed for the demanding needs of public safety communications.


Featuring loud and clear digital audio with the second generation Enhanced (AMBE+2) P25 Vocoder; seamless interoperability with analog and digital, wideband and narrowband, and a variety of trunking protocols – all installed in the same rugged radio – make the VM600 Series the right choice.


The full color Viking Control Head from EFJohnson Technologies has the brightest and clearest display on the market today, and is the perfect complement to our mobile radios. This Control Head can be clearly seen from anywhere in your vehicle even when wearing polarized sunglasses on the brightest days.


This new control head uses the same display technology found in military applications such as airborne cockpit and ground-based vehicle dashboard instrumentation, windshield heads-up display, military weaponry and communication equipment. See the difference!

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