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SC NET is joining forces with the Fleet Talk Carolinas network. With the new partnership, SC NET users now enjoy wide area network coverage that spans 4 states throughout North and South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.


The Fleet Talk Carolinas multisite digital trunking system consists of 39 sites which provides excellent portable and mobile coverage enabling you to talk to all of your critical communication assets at one time with crystal clear digital clarity....from anywhere, anytime for one low price. SC Net and Fleet Talk Carolinas use Kenwood's world famous NXDN technology to give you access to the fastest growing wide area network in the country. We continue to add sites every month enhancing and expanding coverage where you need it.


Say so long to those expensive cell phone bills, data plans and unreliable coverage....and say hello to SC NET...Safe, Simple, Secure!

Shipping & Transportation


Intermodal carriers, local and regional trucking fleets need to be in constant contact with dispatch. Our mobile and portable options keep your vehicles connected and cargo moving on track and on time. From rail shipments to automotive production to port freight operations...our low cost of ownership and bulletproof reliability keep you budget in check and communications on the air.

Business, Industry & Medical


Retail, wholesale and public transit all require fast, clear and concise communicaitons with team members whether they are on-site or in the field. Our in-building and in the field coverage mean that you get the same reliable talk coverage wherever you are. Hospitals and private ambulance services benefit from the wide area coverage of our networks to fit the footprint of your service areas.

Educational & Bus Fleets


Instant, secure and private communications has become a primary need in our schools and bus fleets. Administrators need to communicate with faculty and staff at the push of a button. Bus fleets need to stay in touch with headquarters and schools to stay ahead of delays. With SC NET your educators can stay in contact no matter where they may be...on a normal day or in times of crisis...on campus or off...anytime day or night.

Unlimited Talk Plans only $24.95/month

GPS / Data Plans not included. Contact us for details.





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